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  • About The Stuffed Kilt

    A Global Food Truck Experience

    Starting in 2017, food truck THE STUFFED KILT has welcomed diners to our kitchen for a taste of homey fresh made global cuisine.
    THE STUFFED KILT is combining tradition and innovation, thanks to the enthusiasm of Sean and Tara Scott. We share a love of all things with big bold flavours and tastes from all over the globe. We have a willingness to listen and learn new techniques to make food that entices the community to try bold and exciting flavours

    More than just a food truck, THE STUFFED KILT is an experience where service and a sense of community rival the flavours of the dishes.


    Discover our kitchen and get a taste of our magic.

  • Menu

    To start the season we will be only offering a limited menu. Some items will not be available on a daily basis

    The Fry Stuff

    The Fries - Fresh cut fries either on their own or made into mexi fries with shredded cheese and fresh made daily pico de gallo or try our amazing bacon poutine fries, our true Montreal style Poutine or go crazy and try a pulled pork Poutine! Come down and try our Specialty Fries: buffalo bleu cheese or peanut butter and jelly, plus many many more!


    The Panzerottis

    Panzerottis will not be available on a daily basis.


    The Original - Soft fluffy dough deep fried and stuffed with S.T.B (Sean's Tomato Basil) sauce and cheese. Pepperoni and mushrooms


    The Canadian - Pepperoni, bacon and mushrooms


    The Nana - Ham and pineapple


    The Monster - Pepperoni, bacon and ham

    The Hot Dogs

    The Naked Dog - 1/4lb all beef hot dog wrapped in a soft sesame bun. Add different toppings like bacon, cheese or pulled pork!


    We also offer all the extra toppings you want or need. From ketchup and mustard to hot sauce and onions! Commence the drooling.


    We are also offering a regular sized dog with a side of fresh cut crispy fries and a drink for our younger less hungry ones.

    The Sweet Stuff

    The Aunty Gail - Homemade Nanaimo bars dipped in batter and fried to a crispy golden yumminess. These will be available in a limited quantity only on special days.


    Deep fried Mars Bar - That is all


    The Not Your Mama's Apple Pie - Caramelized apples stuffed in pillowy dough dusted in cinnamon sugar. Available for special events only


    Fried Butter Tarts - Ooie gooie filling with lots of pecans wrapped in pastry and fried to a crispy golden-ness. Available only at special events.


    The Taco Stuff

    This year we've decided to go a bit Mexican with our flavours and homemade as much as possible


    Walking Stuffed - basically a massive taco in a bag! Seasoned beef, or our homemade pulled pork, shredded cheese, lettuce, pico de gallo, garlicky lime black beans topped with sour cream and our homemade salsa.


    Taco Salad - For the lighter side of being stuffed! Lettuce, garlicky lime black beans, cheese, pico de gallo and your choice of fresh made honey lime dressing or salsa and sour cream. Add beef or pulled pork for an extra fee.


    Taco Fries - Our fabulously crispy fries topped with seasoned beef, cheese, fresh made daily pico de gallo, salsa and sour cream. YUM!

    The Specials

    We are adding a rotation of different specials to our weekly menu. These will be available for a limited time from March to July and then again in September until we close for the season. Depending on demand they may come back for more than one rotation! Let us know what you're excited for or what we should do!


    Seafood - Fish and Chips, seafood nachos or poutine and possibly a seafood panzerotti


    Sheppards Pie Poutine - Fries smothered in a rich beef gravy and ground beef mixture with veggies and cheddar cheese.


    The Stuffed Kilt Burger - A hand formed 1/3lb patty topped with homemade BBQ sauce and all the fixings you need, add cheese or bacon to make it the perfect burger!


    Chew on these for now and come back frequently to see what else we add!

  • From the Chef's Table

    Kind words from our lovely guests

    Coming soon..............

  • Location

    102 7th Avenue, SE Drumheller, AB T0J0Y6 Tel: 1(403)821-1083

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    Catering. We are booking catering or food truck events every January. Please make sure you contact us early to book your date. First come first served. NOW DOING WEDDINGS!

    102 7th Avenue SE Drumheller, AB T0J0Y6
    11 - 6 Monday, Wednesday-Friday
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